Thomas Edison believed that lighting with Direct Current (DC) electricity made sense because it was a safer more stable voltage.

Now more than 100 years later more and more of what powers or gets powered in homes and businesses involves DC electricity.


Control Panel showing one circuit with on/off switch & dimmer and four lamps

Conturrent is an entire DC lighting system that simplifies what’s been complicated for decades.

The compact control panel is the size of a briefcase and can be mounted nearly anywhere.  It can control as many as 180 LED

lamps on 20 circuits while getting power from a single 15A line which can be hardwired or even plugged into a nearby outlet.

Each circuit is controlled by an on/of switch that can also be 3-way or fully dimming.

An ever growing  selection of lamps allows choices for styles, sizes, wattage, luminosity and color.

And it all gets connected with 22 gauge wire (that’s wire thinner than speaker wire).

Talk about sustainable!  Conturrent eliminated 90% of the material used in traditional installations.

LED lamps that don’t get hot and will last longer than most others.  (The heat generated by other LED’s is wasted energy)

No metal ceiling cans, only a fraction of the copper compared to AC circuitry by using thin flexible wires for both lamps and switches.

Everything is different down to the wire connectors (no wire nuts) making connections easier, sturdier, safer and foolproof.