Mitsubishi-wall-mounted-heat-pump (1)Sometimes good things simply find a way of coming together and that’s just what seems to have happened with Mitsubishi’s line of mini-split HVAC systems and the newly designed line of cottage homes being offered by AmeriSus.

Single occupant homes are more plentiful than ever before with some cities having more than half of their homes occupied by one person.  Often the media describes how apartment life is the choice for households without children but the reality continues to be that most people have place in their heart for a detached home with a porch, yard and garden. Most builders today make their profits building multi-family monstrosities or McMansion’s in the suburbs. A few years ago AmeriSus identified  the cottage or carriage home market  as an unserved segment that was destined to grow at double digit rates.

More and more young people are delaying marriage and families. More and more seniors are downsizing to something manageable. Both of those groups whether it be single individuals or couples with no children are looking for a comfortable home that is easy to maintain, low in cost and frugal in energy use. The AmeriSus Liberty Series of  smaller homes fits that need perfectly.

Smaller homes demand different types of systems and products. It is hard to find HVAC systems designed for smaller family-sized homes and the choice for for apartment-sized homes is narrower. Fortunately the rapidly growing mini split market fits this segment perfectly being the preferred product in smaller homes around the world.

The Mitsubishi line of HVAC products is a market leader in terms of product breadth, efficiency, installed presence and value. As a result various Mitsubishi systems are being used in AmeriSus cottage homes as well as many smaller homes the company is building along the coast as a part of its superstorm Sandy rebuilding effort.

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