What are the key components of a Concurrent lighting system?

Each system has a main circuit panel, circuit wiring (simple 22 gauge wire), wall switches (variable 0% to  100% ) and LED lamps (available in various sizes, brightness  and color intensity)

How many circuits can be controlled?

The main circuit panel can control 20 individual circuits that each can have as few as 1 fixture or up to eighteen fixtures depending on lamp wattage.

How long will the LED lamps last?

Lamps are expected to last 20 years.  They should last longer as a part of the Conturrent system.

How flexible is the system control panel?

The latest model has been upgraded so that each of the twenty circuits can be installer modified to accommodate that circuits unique lighting load.   For most new home installations, 20 circuits is more than ample leaving unused circuits for expansion at a leter date.

Do I need an electrician to install this system?

Low voltage DC systems do not require an electrician for installation yet if you are unsure of what you might be doing we suggest you get a professional.